Your Body, Your Diet Review – Scam or Credible?

Is Your Body, Your Diet a Scam? Read this review first!

A popular diet that is trending quickly in today’s world is called the “Your Body, Your Diet” program. It’s a revolutionary new way to diet that helps you to achieve desired weight loss results using scientific and medical advances in diet and nutrition. Following, is my personal Your Body Your Diet review.

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The program package consists of 8 e-Books written by a reputable expert, Gabriella Bernini. It’s apparent right from page one that this program is of the highest quality and – the best part – offers a sensible  and easy to follow diet plan that can benefit everyone.

What will you get with the “Your Body, Your Diet” Review Package

Gabriella BerniniThis review of Your Body, Your Diet will consist of separate summaries of each one of the 8 e-Books that is inclusive in the purchase of this diet program.


This program comes with a complete set of well-written e-Books that are based in scientific research to aid the reader in their weight loss goals. The package costs less than a book purchased at the book store or even what you would pay for a full month at the gym. Even for less than what you would pay a professional nutritionist for one session; you could own these 8 e-Books.


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So what exactly is in these 8 e-Books that you get with your “Your Body, Your Diet” purchase? Read on for a book-by-book summary:

1. Your Body, Your Diet Review: 20 Quick and Simple Fat Burning Tips

Your Body Your DietThis was the first, and one of my favorite books, from the “Your Body, Your Diet” collection. In it, are 20 fascinating tips that you can start to use immediately to influence a huge difference in attaining your weight loss goals!

Inside, there is a secret cheat-sheet that holds 20 quick and easy fat-burning tricks! It’s a revelation in dieting! Discover tips like…

How is butter considered to be a fat burner?

Eating out, without the guilt.

Four ways to “tweak” your cooking that will cut out calories…NOT TASTE!

And so much more, you just won’t believe it!

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2. Your Body, Your Diet Review: The YBYD Guide

Your Body, Your Diet

In this second e-Book, you have the meat-and-potatoes of the entire diet plan. A full 53 pages of step-by-step must-have information that is sure to become your “Weight Loss Bible”. Totally unheard of!

With this book you will hold in your hands the HUGE secret that you need to finally lose the weight you want and keep it off. All this in an easy-to-read guide that breaks it down into more manageable content so that you can get started right away….

How you can eat and still have your desired body shape.

A simple strategy to burn fat instantly, up to 44%!

Guilt-free enjoyment of carbs!

Five fat-melting treats for those with a sweet tooth!

“Fifth meal” slimming tips

How to avoid calories that make you feel fat!

Tasty foods that will have you go from Flab to Fab!

AND….meal planning that can be used daily and specifically caters to getting the most out of your metabolism and changing the way your body stores fat!

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3. Your Body, Your Diet Review: Metabolism Q&A

Your Body, Your Diet Metabolism Q&AThe 3rd book in the “Your Body, Your Diet” e-Book collection, is a very important one. It’s a condensed Q & A that provides at-a-glance categorizing of foods that slow your body down and that your body uses up quickly. The end result? You can actually eat – eat more – and still lose weight! It’s almost too good to be true!

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4. The Your Body, Your Diet Review: Fat Storage Roadmap

Your Body, Your Diet ReviewThis little e-Book provides you with another handy tool in your weight loss plan. Think of it as a navigational tool for your body. It includes the Metabolism Decoder and the Fat Storage Pattern GPS. Why is this important, you ask? Because this is how you’ll discover where your body stores fat the most – crucial information if you want to change the sculpture of your body and understand your own metabolic type. With this information in hand you are ready to manage your eating plan to work in symphony with your weight loss!


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5. Your Body, Your Diet Review: Mood Boosters

Your Body, Your Diet ReviewWould you believe that your mood has something to do with your eating habits? That’s right! And in this fifth e-Book, you’ll discover ways to bolster your energy with simple snacks to positively affect your mental health and aid in brain function.

Many dieters suffer from depressive moods due to the types of foods they are eating. If dieting and eating incorrectly, your calorie intake is rapidly decreased, causing symptoms that can wreak havoc on your brain and your overall personality. Don’t go down that road!

This book will have you eating foods that will bring your out of the slumps and back on your feet. Plus, you’ll enjoy seven healthy foods – super foods– that will release serotonin and dopamine to your brain and will improve your mood naturally!

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7. The “Your Body, Your Diet” Review: Recipes Manual

Your Body, Your Diet ReviewHere’s the part everyone has been waiting to read – Food Recipes!

Well, wait no longer, this e-Book is jam-packed with over 200 mouthwatering recipes, fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions. Yum!

No one said dieting had to be painful – you can still enjoy what you eat AND lose weight! Dive right in to Oven-Fried Chicken, Shredded Pork Wraps with Lemon Coleslaw or Moroccan Beef Stew. Have your friends over for a Sicilian Turkey Burger and finish off the meal with Chocolate and Nut Butter Bites!

Mmmm…makes me hungry just thinking about all that great food that you can eat and STILL lose weight! These recipes are chef-inspired so you know they’ll make fireworks in your mouth when you taste them! What’s really amazing is that they are foolproof recipes made with natural and easy-to find ingredients. Now, that’s a cookbook!

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8. The Your Body, Your Diet Review: Progress Tracker

Your Body, Your Diet ReviewThe last e-Book is called the Progress Tracker and chronicles your diet plan from start to finish and beyond. Use it as a daily motivational journal to list things that worked for you while dieting. Refer to it often to keep up the momentum and help you stay on track.


In my opinion, the “Your Body, Your Diet” weight loss plan is a smart purchase. It’s filled with helpful, necessary and confidence boosting info that is a need for every dieter. And, the best part is that your satisfaction is guaranteed! Buy the program, try it and if after 60 days you haven’t seen the results of a slimmer, healthier you – you get a full refund. Simple.

Personally, I doubt that you’ll be unhappy with this well-structured, scientifically researched product that makes weight loss not only possible, but easy and inexpensive…and FUN!

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4 thoughts on “Your Body, Your Diet Review – Scam or Credible?

  1. I was a bit skeptical at first, having tried everything before…but this program, if you put the time to understand it works, and works with you… I like the “quick start guide” and its suggestions on how to implement small changes gradually… they really made a difference to me. I strongly recommand you to try this program.

  2. This Your Body Your Diet Review has really helped me to understand a little bit more about the product itself and I decided to buy it. Just want to say thanks! the product really is one of the most detailed and easy to follow one I had a chance to use…(I really like the beatuiful recipe book and mood boosting foods…they do really boost my mood :))

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